About Swimming Classes

We have taken standards from the British and American programs to make sure that your child has the best possible swim experience.

Swimming Classes

All swimmers work on a scheduled program with a set number of deliverables in their lesson plan. For more information please contact the Customer Service Managers on the sites.

  • Swimming After School clubs for all ages.
  • Small groups or private lessons available on request
  • Male and Female Swimming Coaches & Lifeguarding

About our Academy

High Score Swim Classes are designed to make sure learning in the pool is fun. This will build up confidence in the water. Once the confidence in the pupils has been achieved the thought of swimming becomes easy. With qualified teachers, we make sure the swimming environment is safe and teaching the correct techniques to become great swimmers in the future.

How to Register

contact us and we will send you everything you need. You can also meet our staff face to face at the venues at the advertised times.