Multi Activity Camps

Multi-Activity Camps take place at various locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi during every break in school term.

High Score Multi Activity Camps

Our qualified teams of teachers, sports coaches and administrators are on hand to deliver the highest quality camps in the UAE. During our multi-activity camps, children learn and develop a variety of new technical and social skills, and they make lots of new friends along the way!

There will be a range of sporting activities provided, for example, football, basketball, tag rugby, dodge ball, gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, dancing including hip hop for boys and girls) and art. We also run team building activities throughout the week.

In addition to this, we have a wide range of `feature games’ that are our old favourites at holiday camp. These are based on teamwork, movement, tactics and fun, so if you hear your child say `I’m king of the ring’ or `we won capture the nest’, It’s most likely relating to the very popular activities that we incorporate into the day.

Throughout the week we have competitions and theme days which is why we recommend a full week program for your child. We give certificates through the week for outstanding behavior but we are sure to reward everyone at the end of a great week with a closing ceremony, so please feel free to drop by the school a little earlier on the last day.

How to Register

contact us and we will send you everything you need. You can also meet our staff face to face at the venues at the advertised times.